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home based licensed wholesale collector can do very well

Classic car restoration in Los Angeles is easer to accomplish than in other cities, most of which are less car-centric. One of the largest cities and well known for its restored muscle cars and vintage vehicles, Los Angeles has numerous shops, parts stores and artists to take advantage of.

When it comes to classic car restoration, Southern California holds the title. If you are looking for a car already restored to buy, this is an excellent place to look for what you want, and you’ll probably find it
The low riders of Los Angeles breed an artist that can produce such great paint jobs on your car that no one else will have one like it. The classic and vintage car enthusiasts have a great population of experienced painters and artists at their disposal that can do anything from simple flags to complex scenes on the hood, roof or side panels
Parts that can be difficult to find in other parts of the country will be easier found here, due to the population of vehicles
There are many car clubs and enthusiasts to join up with in the LA area. Restoring your car is a good thing, but taking it out and enjoying the company of other drivers is an incredible experience
Southern California is one of the best places for auction houses selling vintage cars, restored or otherwise. If you have a car in mind, you can probably find it in one of these auction houses, or they will find it for you
Los Angeles has all the famous runs of beaches and ocean view highways that take cars up and down the beautiful coastline. Nowhere else do you have this mix that was made so famous in the 1950s and 60s by movie stars and rock and roll groups
There are classes, schools and shops that offer the training you need. With all the shops around you could hardly be in a better place than to become part of one of them for your experience. There is always room for another top restoration expert
Car Restoration in California

While there are great restoration professionals across the country, California has far more of them. Also, California hosts more car shows that just about any other state in the county. California has also become known for its environmental regulations when it comes to auto related work. Not only can you find the expert restoration resources in California, you can find many opportunities to show off your newly restored car, and do it guilt free knowing that it has been restored in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Restoration Experts
There are nearly two-thousand, five hundred auto restoration shops listed in California. This is a staggering number, and almost guarantees you can find an expert in restoration, regardless of the type of restoration you are considering. Whether your restoration is a collector’s car, a muscle car, a hot rod, or a drifter, you will find a shop that can do the job and do it well. There are a number of shops that are featured on various network TV shows, which gives a prime opportunity to showcase some of their more difficult and prestigious restorations that are included in their portfolio.

Auto Shows
There are well over three car shows per week in California. According to one schedule, there were nearly two hundred and thirty car shows scheduled in various areas around California in the year 2010. This provides any owner of a restored or custom car an opportunity to enter it in several different shows throughout the year, which for many, is one of the primary motives for a restoration or custom creation. Show cars range from antique Model As to totally unique drifters, and appeal to a wide variety of owners and admirers alike.

Environmental Factors
There have been a variety of relatively new laws passed in California mandating that various businesses involved in the auto repair and restoration industry adhere to practices and procedures to reduce the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that were inherently produced in this type of industry. Several studies in the late 1990s proved auto repair and restoration facilities could run as efficiently and could actually lower their operating costs by using aqueous cleaning methods. The result of these studies was a significantly reduced rate of VOC production by these participating shops. The studies ultimately resulted in new regulations for all auto repair facilities in California, which means lowered VOCs, lower operating costs for shop owners, and (at least in theory) lower overall expenses for services.

Related Questions and Answers

Who are the Biggest Classic Car Dealers in California?

California is Classic Car heaven, so there are a number of classic car dealers in California. No matter what make and model you want to buy, if you look hard enough, you’re going to find it in California. There are two dealers in California that stand out from all the rest. Both of these dealers are located in Northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first, Specialty Sales has three locations to serve you better and has been in business since 1978. In business since 1989, Kassabian Motors is the other popular classic car dealer in California.

Where are some Classic Auto Salvage Yards in California?

There are a number of auto salvage yards in California and many of these specialize in classic cars. One of these, Memory Lane, is used by a number of cable television automotive shows. Memory Lane is located in Wilmington, California. Yardquest is a website that lists all salvage yards in California. On the Yardquest site, you can easily locate a salvage yard near you and contact them to find the part or parts that you need. Another site that lists salvage yards in California is Used Wrecking Yards. Both of these sites are excellent resources allowing you to find a salvage yard in your area.

Where can I find Classic Cars for Sale in Los Angeles?

You’re looking for classic cars for sale in Los Angeles. There are a number of ways that you can buy this type of car. Newspaper classifieds, eBay and classic car sales magazines are all popular ways to find cars of any type. However, you’re more comfortable dealing with a car dealer. In Los Angeles and surrounding environments, you will have a number of options. West Coast Classics is one of the largest and most popular classic car dealers in the Los Angeles area. WCC is located in Santa Monica. Chequered Flag Sales, located in Marina del Rey, specializes in classic and exotic cars.

Are there any Classic Car Shows in California?

Every year there are literally hundreds of classic cars shows in California. The biggest and most comprehensive listing of all of these shows available online can be found at Car Show News & Classic Auto Events. The site currently only has two shows listed for 2011, but this will change as event organizers decide on dates and places. Another good site to check out for classic car shows is The HubCap Café is another excellent resource for locating California car shows. Between the three sites listed here, you’ll be sure to find a classic car show near you

car dealers…..pull out the carfax and run the VIN from gotplates

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prior history stickers MUST be RED


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Under the provisions of AB 1215 effective 07-01-2012

all dealers must post a red 4″ x 5″ sticker on each vehicle with branded title

the red sticker must read:

“WARNING According to a vehicle history report issued by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS),

this vehicle has been reported as a total-loss vehicle by an insurance company,

has been reported into NMVTIS by a junk or salvage reporting safety, and/or condition of the vehicle.

Because of its history as a junk, salvage, or title-branded vehicle,

the manufacturer’s warranty or service contract on this vehicle may be affected.

Ask the dealer to see a copy of the NMVTIS vehicle history report.

car dealer photoshoot is mandatory for licensing


Call the DMV Inspector and submit the Application with
your Bond Declaration Form. You must have a Bond in
place to submit your application. If you wish to be
considered for a temporary license, you must have all
photos completed as well.
list of DMV inspectors,
DMV photo requirements:

Generally you will need:
11 photos for retail
8 for wholesale, 9 for wholesale with a broker endorsement

They are:

1 Building photo
2 Outside sign photo ®
3 Display area photo ®
4 Office
5 Business License posting photo
6 Resale Permit posting photo
7 Telephone
8 Interior Signs ®
9 Locked Cabinet
10 Checkbook
11 Dealer Book



got spanish cash contract forms ???



Cash Contract

Simple – SPANISH


California Civil Code Section 2981 mandates that sales contracts be completed when a motor vehilce is sold from a licensed entitiy (dealership). All contracts need to be in writing and must be contained on a single document. The contract is designed to protect both the consumer and the dealer by clearly stating the terms of the sale. The contract must include a proper description of the vehicle, the total cost and terms of the sale, as well as the prescribed disclosures required by statue. All contracts must be completed and signed by both parties (buyer and seller). Be sure to provide a clear copy of the contract to the consmer. This form is in complete compliance with disclosures, and is to be used for Cash in house deals when no financing is applicable. 14 3/4″ x 8 1/2″ – 2-part – 100 /pkg . Printed in Spanish.
  • Model: JF730SP

EZ Dealer Bond Quote

Car Dealer Forms Starter Kit

Used Car Dealer Insurance

1965 ferrari……..27 million dollars

Jay Leno Quail Car Show - H 2013
Getty Images
Jay Leno holds court at The Quail car show in Monterey on Friday.

Jay Leno and Patrick Dempsey are among the stars at the automotive event, where cars with Hollywood histories have mostly fizzled.

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif – Vintage Ferrari sales are breaking records up in Monterey, Calif., this weekend, where the Cannes of the automotive world is underway.

On Saturday night, a 275 Ferrari N.A.R.T. Spyder hammered at $25 million (or $27.5 million, if you include the standard 10 percent commission). Another Italian beauty — a 1953 Ferrari 375 MM — sold on Friday night for slightly more than $9 million. Both sales went down at the RM Auctions sales.

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Private Jets: From Oprah Winfrey to Tom Cruise, Who Owns What

Meanwhile, entertainment biz folks are thin on the ground here, where multiple events are taking place over a long weekend on the Monterey Peninsula. Car enthusiasts Jay Leno and PatrickDempsey did make the trek and milled around Friday’s $550-a-ticket car show at The Quail. Dempsey caught up with Formula One champ Michael Schumacher, who spoke on a panel during the show with former Ferrari CEO Jean Todt. But other biz regulars at the annual Monterey motoring events are MIA, including Fox chairman Jim Gianopulosand attorney Alan Wertheimer.

“Too much work,” was Wertheimer’s excuse via text from Los Angeles.

And comedian Adam Carolla, who was racing his Nissan at the nearby Laguna Seca racetrack on Saturday, said, “I actually have to work tonight.” He had a stand-up gig in the area. “Yeah, it helps pay for some of this,” he said as he motioned to his car, which used to be raced by Paul Newman. (Carolla added he’s working on a Newman documentary.)

There were several cars with Hollywood histories and provenances at the auctions here, but not many fetched big sales. At the Gooding & Company sale on Saturday night, a 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Playboy Roadster that made an appearance in Giant went for $341,000, while the 1920 Locomobile 48 Sportif, seen in the 1992 Robert Downey Jr. film Chaplin, came off the block at $176,000 — both selling at the low end of their estimates.

Hedy Lamarr‘s husband’s prewar French Delage D8-120 sold for $770,000 at Gooding. But the ’63 Corvette Sting Ray race car featured in the Elvis Presley film Viva Las Vegas (estimated at $375,000-$475,000) didn’t sell at Friday night’s RM auction because it didn’t fetch its reserve price.

Sunday’s final auction at Gooding isn’t expected to eclipse Saturday night’s Ferrari record, but perhaps the motorheads will be exhausted anyway — after a full day of walking the Pebble Beach lawn, where the annual Concours D’Elegance is unfolding under foggy skies.

von arx used car dealer insurance

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General Liability – Commercial Property – Garage Liability – Commercial Auto – Umbrella & Excess

Worker’s Compensation – Professional Liability – Medical/Healthcare – Ocean Marine

Since 1985 we have provided affordable premiums with the correct coverage

for various business entities throughout California. We are experts in “problem solving”

for all lines of commercial coverages and specializing in challenging risks.

Receive service with your premium payments… Give us a call to see how we can help.

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Jon L. von Arx,
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CA Lic. # 0702245


learn the auction game from ADESA car dealer auto auction

ADESA Offers you more than one way to purchase vehicles. Visit one of our auction locations, or buy online.

We have two types of online vehicle auctions:

    • Bid now auctions take place on ADESA OpenLane. These special events are scheduled in advance and have set start and end times. At the end of the time period, the highest bid wins.
  • ADESA LiveBlock lets you bid against other dealers who are physically at a live auction. With our real-time audio visual feeds, it’s a great way to attend a car auction online, without leaving your office or home.

But there’s more—if neither of these online vehicle auctions work for you, you can still buy cars 24/7 for a set sale price with our buy now feature on OpenLane.

New to ADESA? Register now to access Bid or Buy on
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salvage vehicles carry great risk

Nashville flood car

Sometimes a car deal sounds too good to be true – in which case, it may very well turn out to be a salvage. Most times you want to steer clear of these. Case in point involves vehicles with a salvage title.

When a vehicle has a salvage title, it typically means that at some point in its history it has been declared a total loss by an insurance company. This could be the result of an accident, fire, vandalism or other natural or man-made disaster. The damage the vehicle sustained has to be worth 75 percent of more of its value. Stolen vehicles that were recovered could also wind up with a salvage title in some states.

Another instance where a car ultimately carries a salvage title is government cars used for testing. After the testing is complete and the government has no further use for them, they are sold with a salvage title.

The salvage title is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), depending on the state, after going through an inspection. Note that inspection procedures vary from one state to another, with some being a simple VIN and emissions system check and others requiring a full inspection. Once a car has a salvage title, it cannot be driven, sold or titled in its current condition.

Salvage title cars may be able to be repaired and the DMV could issue a new title after a safety inspection. The vehicle will be “branded” as a salvage-title or restored salvage or resalvaged vehicle so that any prospective buyers know what they’re getting.

Is buying a car with a salvage title that’s been repaired always a bad idea? Experts say that if you have the time, money and are willing to go through having the vehicle properly repaired, a salvage title vehicle may be one choice. On the other hand, it could be a lengthy and expensive proposition, one that you might be better to avoid. Stick with a thoroughly inspected and mechanically sound used vehicle sold by a reputable dealer or private seller.


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wanna learn the car dealer lingo ???


Cap Cost: this is the sale price you negotiate for that new car you want to lease; unless there’s a waiting list a mile long, this is not the same as the MSRP.

Certified: means the car has been cleaned and checked out by the dealer. Remember: only factory certified cars have the backing of the manufacturer.

Credit Report: a detailed explanation of your borrowing and bill-paying history, not to be confused with your… (See Credit Score.)

Credit Score: a three-digit number that expresses your creditworthiness. This number gives lenders a good idea of how likely you are to pay your bills.

“Cup Holder Factor”: Is your chosen car a good physical fit for you? Does the seatbelt hit your shoulder, or are you chewing on it? Do the seats and steering wheel adjust for your height and weight? Is there enough headroom? Legroom? Are there any blind spots? Are the controls and accessories logically placed and easy to locate? And, the inevitable, will the cup holder accommodate your double decaf grande latte? All this factors in to a good deal.

Curb Appeal: means cleaning up your car to make it look ten times better than it ever did while you were driving it—to entice potential buyers.

Dealer: Someone who is licensed to sell you a car, and abides by all the appropriate auto industry rules and regulations, or so you hope.

Dealer Cost: is the dealer invoice minus a whole bunch of stuff like incentives, environmental packages, advertising fees, and more. This is what the dealer actually paid for the car.

Dealer Invoice (Invoice): The price the dealer wants you to believe he paid for the car, when chances are, he really paid much less. (See Dealer Cost.)

Depreciation: The reduced value of the car after you buy it, or that portion of the car you “use” over the course of a lease.

The “Desk”: the sales manager

Extended warranty: This is also referred to as a service contract. It is an option you may purchase on a new, and some used cars. The extended warranty should cover car repairs over a longer period than the manufacturer’s warranty, which comes with the car. But beware: it’s a high-profit item for a dealer—cheaper ones are available online.

Four-Square Easy Sheets: easy sheets designed to combine all elements of the deal- the purchase price, trade-in, monthly payments and down payment. Don’t do it! Keep all items separate!

Holdback: An amount the manufacturer pays the dealer for each car sold of a particular make. Also referred to as a “kickback.”

Idiot- What you are if you don’t use AutoIdiot’s “Don’t Be an Idiot!” car-buying system before you buy, sell, or lease a car!

“In the Box”: In the salesperson’s cubicle.

Incentives: Money or other special deals that entice you to buy a vehicle.

Invoice (Dealer’s Invoice): The price the dealer wants you to believe he paid for the car, when chances are, he really paid much less. (See Dealer Cost.)

Lay-down: a customer who takes any deal the salesperson offers.

Leasing: is when you pay a low monthly fee to drive a fully warrantied, brand new car every two years or so, but you don’t actually own the car.

Mileage Allowance- the amount of miles per year you’re allowed to drive on a lease. Better not go over: the fees can be quite painful.

Money Factor: used for leases, this is kind of the same thing as an interest rate on a loan, only much more complicated.

MSRP: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

Options: These are extras you can have added to a standard vehicle, and usually come in packages.

Rebate: money you get back after you buy the car.

Recall: If a car model has a defect, a manufacturer may issue a “recall” notice, meaning that the defect will be fixed at the manufacturer’s expense.

Repossession: If you don’t make your car loan payments, you may get a visit from the Repo-man: the finance company that gave you the loan has every right to come and take your T-Bird away.

Residual Value: The amount a leased car is predicted to be worth after your lease is up

Rollover: this is when the dealer takes the loan from your old car and magically rolls it over into the loan for your new car. Don’t do it! You’ll be paying off two cars on the same bill!

Rustproofing: Meant to hold off body erosion, rustproofing is an unnecessary extra that a lot of car dealers push.

Salvaged or Rebuilt Title: when a car has been previously totaled, the title is marked “salvaged”. Often, these cars are dolled up and their titles are “rebuilt”, or laundered back to normal. You do not want one of these cars!

Service contract: Also called an “extended warranty,” it supplements the manufacturer’s warranty, which comes with a vehicle you purchase. A service contract is a high-profit item for the dealer. Make sure it offers substantially more than the standard warranty.

Subvent: This is when the manufacturers need to unload a certain kind of car so they inflate or “subvent” the residual value to entice you to sign up for a lease.

Target Price: the fair and reasonable price for a vehicle.

Test Drive: That’s when you take the car out for a spin- and check everything from the engine to the tires to the “Cup Holder Factor” to make sure it’s the car for you.

Title Search or Title History: gives you the lowdown on a car’s potentially sordid past. Shows a vehicle’s ownership history by using its VIN. Always do a title search if you’re buying a used car.

Upside Down: means you owe more on your car than it’s actually worth.

VIN: Vehicle Identification Number, every car’s got one.

The 5 W’s: system for advertising your car: Window (of the car), Word-of-mouth, Work (or anywhere potential buyers congregate), Wall Street Journal (really just refers to any newspaper advertisement), World Wide Web.

The Walkaround: this is when you—that’s right– walk around the car and check it out.

Warranty: is a guarantee that certain mechanical problems and body parts will be fixed if they aren’t in proper working condition. The warranty is usually limited, so make sure you know what’s included- and especially what’s not. Check online for cheaper warranties—this is a big money-maker for a dealership.

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we figure you will need $ 300. per month to legally operate

we estimate your wholesale

home based part time car dealer license

expenses below:

your car dealer bond $ 300.

your car dealer training $ 150.

your car dealer insurance $ 1800.

your car dealer license $ 150.

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your car dealer forms $ 200.

your car dealer office expenses $ 500.

your car dealer auction access $ 100.

your car dealer checking account $ 250.

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car dealer bond discounts


In order for a bond company to approve a vehicle dealer bond  of $10,000 or $50,000,

they will run your credit report.

If there are no negative items showing on your credit report and have a decent credit risk score,

you should not have any problems obtaining the bond.

You do not have to own real estate in order to obtain a vehicle dealer bond.

You will have problems obtaining the bond if you have any negative items showing on your credit report,

such as, bankruptcy, collect accounts, short sales, foreclosures, current past dues, etc.

It is possible to obtain the bond with other than perfect credit,

although the bond company may require financial statements (both personal & business statements),

copies of bank statements for the last 3 months, sometimes a co-signer is required.

Some bond companies will approve the bond with negative items showing,

but will charge a larger premium for the bond.


Mike at 714-797-5780 can help you with your bond needs, good, or bad credit.

You do have the option to post a cash deposit with DMV in lieu of the vehicle dealer surety bond.

You need to be aware that the law states that DMV may keep the deposit up to 3 years

after you are no longer licensed as a dealer or a superior court judge orders release of the deposit.