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some advantages to having your own car dealer license

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
  • Getting into dealer-only auctions
  • Buying vehicles at wholesale dealer prices
  • Buying vehicles with auction company financing
  • Paying no sales tax on your vehicle purchases
  • Paying no registration fees on your vehicle purchases
  • Using dealer plates to drive your vehicles without registering them
  • Making money doing what you enjoy
  • Writing off your expenses
  • Doing it part time or work it into full time
  • Saving significant money buying vehicles for yourself, friends and family
  • Selling locally, or exporting to other countries
  • Buying at the auctions and selling on Craigslist, E-Bay, or your own website
  • Brokering vehicles with none of your own money invested
  • Not getting caught selling without a license and being barred from getting a license in the future.
  • Driving around in great vehicles and then selling them at a profit.

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will ohio dealers association be able to stop tesla ???

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

By Dan Gearino

A trade group for Ohio car dealers is asking a Franklin County court to rescind Tesla Motors’ license to sell new cars, citing what they say are violations of Ohio law.

The plaintiffs in the case also include several central Ohio dealer groups, such as Midwestern Auto Group of Dublin, Ricart Automotive of Groveport and several of the Germain family dealerships.

“If a license is not granted with proper authority, then that license should be rescinded,” said Sara Bruce, vice president of legal affairs for the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association.

The defendants are the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Tesla.

In the suit, which was filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, the dealers say that the state agencies improperly approved Tesla’s dealer license earlier this year because the company did not provide a copy of its contract with the manufacturer of the vehicles to be sold.

In this case, the manufacturer and the retailer are the same company, but the dealers say that the law still calls for proper documentation.

Even if Tesla had provided a contract, it would not have been valid because the law requires such an agreement to be between “two separate contracting parties,” Bruce said.

Tesla did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Earlier this month, Tesla opened a store at Easton, the automaker’s first retail outlet in Ohio.

Also this month, the auto dealers association made an unsuccessful attempt to get the Ohio General Assembly to outlaw Tesla’s business model.

The lawsuit is the next step in the dealers’ attempt to stop Tesla from gaining a foothold in the state.

Unlike most auto brands, Tesla sells its all-electric cars directly to consumers through company-owned stores.

This is different from the way established auto brands sell their products. Companies such as Ford, General Motors and Honda sell through a network of independently owned dealers.

Established dealers have raised concerns that Tesla’s model is opening the door for other automakers to open company-owned stores, which they say would undermine the concept of an independent dealer network.

The dealers say they are trying to preserve a system that employs 50,000 Ohioans, while Tesla says the dealers are monopolists who are wary of real competition.

Tesla has faced similar legislative and legal battles in other states.

california has a new dmv director, congratulations jean

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments.

Jean Shiomoto, 57, of Sacramento, has been appointed director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, where she has been acting director since 2013 and has served in multiple positions since 1988, including chief deputy director, chief of operations, deputy director of the communication programs division, chief financial officer, advisor to the director and chief deputy director, controller, fiscal officer, cost accounting manager and systems development manager. She was an accounting administrator at the California Franchise Tax Board in 1988 and served in multiple positions at the California Department of General Services from 1980 to 1988, including fiscal systems manager, systems development analyst and auditor. Shiomoto was an auditor at the California Department of Developmental Services in 1980. She is a member of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Board of Directors and president of the Asian Community Center of Sacramento Valley Board of Directors. This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $150,000. Shiomoto is a Democrat.


los angeles car dealer class online

Monday, July 21st, 2014

some people want the milk

before they pay for the cow




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dmv car dealer registration forms supply

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view, fill out and print forms. To incorporate the latest accessibility features download of the latest version of Acrobat Reader may be required. If you have problems with Acrobat Reader see the Adobe Troubleshooting page for possible solutions.

Mail completed and signed order forms to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Occupational Licensing
MS – L224
P.O. Box 932342
Sacramento, CA 94232-3420

sacramento wholesale car dealer license class ( $ 100. )

Sunday, July 20th, 2014


come to our SAC CAR DEALER CLASS with the weatherman


Invest $ 100. in your car dealer future

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and get scammed by out-of-state CAR DEALER LICENSE offers

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Which Class would you like?

Pre-Licensing In Person Class Choices:
$100.00 – New Dealer Class*
SPECIAL OFFER Register and pay for class online when you register. Take our online tutorial before coming to class & get $100.00 off your tuition. Must show completion certificate and receipt of payment in class.

$200.00 – New Dealer Class*

$300.00 – Private New Dealer Class

*New Dealer Classes must be completed In-Person.
Pre-payment and Online tutorial
completion simply gives you the best price.
See Class Locations for a program near you.

DMV Dealer Education Providers

Dealer education providers listed by type of class offered area (served) and name.
Area and
Type of Class Offered
Online/Home Study Continuing Education title Bay Area title Northern Area title Central Area title Southern Area title Provider
**X Auto Support Group
Phone: 1-714-588-1511
X Best Solutions
Phone: 1-619-546-4064
X X X X X Motorsports Market On-Line Courses, Live Classes and Home Study
Phone: 1-800-980-1967
X X X X X Automotive Systems Analysis
Phone: 1-800-564-0984
X X X X X TriStar Motors, LLC
Phone: 1-800-901-5950
X X 24-7 Dealer Training Specialists
Phone: 1-951-833-8398
X X California Auto Dealer Education
Phone: 1-661-871-3311
X Central Valley Dealers
Licensing Renewal Service
Phone: 1-209-333-0900
X Superior Vehicle Dealer Training Institute
Phone: 1-949-305-8402
X X Inland Empire/Orange County Dealer School
Phone: 1-909-880-1380
X X X Dealer Training Experts of Northern California
Phone: 1-408-910-3876
X X X X X Dealer Intel
Phone: 1-415-613-4754
X X X X X $85 Dealer Education
Phone: 1-951-541-8390
X X X X Los Angeles Dealer School
Phone: 1-310-227-6920
*X Dealer License Seminars of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-665-6440
X X X X X Golden State Educational Services
Phone: 1-916-395-7004
X X Dealer Lessons
Phone: 1-877-772-3332
X X X X X Dealer Education Services
Phone: 1-888-323-0031
X X Coffer Dealer Education
Phone: 1-888-694-1444
X Cesar Carrascos Dealer Licensing Seminars
Phone: 1-619-474-0477
X Colby Learning Center of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-559-5748
X X Dealers Support Group
Phone: 1-818-758-9951
X Online Auto Dealer ED
Phone: 1-877-724-6150
X California Accredited Dealer Education
Phone: (714) 300-4148

*Prelicensing only
**Continuing Education only

Last updated: 07/23/2012

dmv vehicle registration procedures for licensed car dealers

Sunday, July 20th, 2014
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learn the auction game from ADESA car dealer auto auction

Saturday, July 19th, 2014
ADESA Offers you more than one way to purchase vehicles. Visit one of our auction locations, or buy online.

We have two types of online vehicle auctions:

    • Bid now auctions take place on ADESA OpenLane. These special events are scheduled in advance and have set start and end times. At the end of the time period, the highest bid wins.
  • ADESA LiveBlock lets you bid against other dealers who are physically at a live auction. With our real-time audio visual feeds, it’s a great way to attend a car auction online, without leaving your office or home.

But there’s more—if neither of these online vehicle auctions work for you, you can still buy cars 24/7 for a set sale price with our buy now feature on OpenLane.

New to ADESA? Register now to access Bid or Buy on
Already a registered user? Log in to use Bid or Buy on and manheim tutorials make it easy to become a successful car dealer

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

OVE: How to use Watchlist & Saved Searches



Learn how to create a custom list of vehicles and saved searches, so you can track and manage multiple cars, all in one place.


OVE: MyLot



Find out how to sell online directly from your lot—the quickest and easiest way to sell excess inventory.


Simulcast Everywhere: Remote Seller



Learn everything you need to represent and sell your vehicles from any location when it’s not possible to attend the auction.

Simulcast: Proxy Bidding



Learn how to place proxy bids in multiple auctions when you can’t watch the sale, so you’ll never miss a vehicle again.


Simulcast Everywhere: Proxy Bidding



Learn how to place a proxy bid if you can’t participate in the sale in real time—and our system automatically bids for you.


MAFS: How to floorplan vehicles and more



Learn how floorplanning your vehicles with MAFS can help optimize your business.

Simulcast Everywhere: How to Buy



Learn everything you need to start buying vehicles in a Simulcast Everywhere sale.


OVE: How to Buy



Learn how to start buying and bidding on vehicles on, from finding cars and proxy bidding to buy now and make an offer.


Simulcast: How to Buy



Learn how to start bidding and buying on Simulcast—bringing the live auction experience right to your desktop.

Frontline: Retail Ready



Learn about Frontline services and how they ensure your vehicles are retail ready, so you can sell at higher prices.


Mobile: How to Buy



Learn how to use Manheim’s mobile applications to start bidding and buying vehicles with your mobile device.


Local Auction: In-Lane Buyer



Learn how to purchase vehicles in an in-lane auction at one of our operating locations.

Simulcast Everywhere: How to set up a sale



Learn everything you need to start selling your inventory with a Simulcast Everywhere sale.


OVE: Add and Edit Vehicles



Learn how to add and edit inventory, pictures, and prices, as well as preview your listings.


Simulcast: How to Sell



Learn how to price and sell your vehicles online through Simulcast on

OVE: Move Vehicles



Learn how to move vehicles between account groups in Inventory Manager and activate the Sell Now option.


Local Auction: In-Lane Seller



Learn how to register your vehicles for in-lane auction sale at one of our operating locations and explore post-sale services.

download the dmv auction access application

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Download Forms

big car dealer school online

Friday, July 18th, 2014

some people want the milk

before they pay for the cow





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best value, lowest price car dealer license class

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


Choose from the following options:

- California Map of Pre-Licensing Dealer Classes
- Private Dealer Pre-Licensing Class Options
- DMV Pre-Licensing Dealer Class Requirements
- Pre-Licensing Dealer Class Schedule

Click on an city for class locations, times and information:

Private Classes for Renewal and Pre-License Students
We provide you the ability to operate your dealership within current DMV guidelines. You get to sit back and relax for 4 to 6 hours of dealer education (renewals 4 hr/ pre-licensing 6 hr). We will have you review your dealership with a series of questions and at the end of the course we will provide the course completion form.

We teach private classes in all locations listed above as well as:
· Aptos
· Anaheim
· Bakersfield
· Burbank
· Campbell
· Clovis
· Crows Landing
· Del Mar
· Fairfield
· Fremont
· Fresno
· Garden Grove
· Long Beach
· Los Angeles
· Los Banos
· Los Gatos
· Modesto
· Newport Beach
· Novato
· Palm Springs
· Pasadena
· Pleasanton
· Redwood City
· Riverside
· Sacramento
· Salinas
· San Bernardino
· San Diego
· San Francisco
· San Jose
· San Luis Obispo
· San Rafael
· Santa Barbara
· Santa Cruz
· Santa Rosa
· Sherman Oaks
· Stockton
· Ukiah
· Walnut Creek

Prices for these classes:
1) $200 private renewal
2) $300 private pre-licensing

Additionally, we offer a “travel out” to your location
· the cost is $800 for up to three students, $200 for each additional student
· statewide coverage
· limited by our availability

Contact us for availability

Pre-License Only Class Options and Information:
· You must attend the class in person (6 hrs).
· You will study and take the DMV practice exam similar to the one given by your local inspector.
· A course certificate suitable for framing will be presented upon completion.
· Your certificate is good for one year.
· All materials are included.

Prices for these classes:
1) $100 – take our online tutorial before attending class & get $100.00 off your tuition
2) $200 – saves your seat
3) $300 – private pre-licensing class

car dealer plates rules from the dmv ( california code of regulations )

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

dmv dealer plate use from the california code of regulations


This database is current through 8/16/13 

§ 201.00. Use of Special Plates Issued to a Dealer, Manufacturer, Remanufacturer, or Distributor.

(a) Special plates referenced in this section may only be used on vehicles that a dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor owns or lawfully possesses.

(b) The following individuals may operate a vehicle with special plates for any purpose:

(1) An individual who is the sole owner, a general partner, a manager of a limited liability company, or a corporate officer or director of a dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor, provided that individual is actively engaged in the management and control of the business operations of the dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor;

(2) A general manager, or business manager, or sales manager who is actively engaged in the management and control of the business operations of the dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor when no other individual meets the criteria in (1) above;

(3) An individual employed by a manufacturer or distributor and licensed as a representative.

(c) Any licensed driver may operate a vehicle with special plates for any purpose if an individual identified in section (b) is also in the vehicle.

(1) An unaccompanied licensed driver, who regularly resides in the immediate household of an individual identified in section (b), may operate a vehicle with special plates solely to pick up or drop off that individual.

(d) A licensed driver who is an employee of a dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer or distributor may drive a vehicle with special plates when that employee is acting within the course and scope of his or her employment.

(e) Any licensed driver may operate a vehicle with dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor special plates for special event purposes if the operator carries a letter of authorization from the licensee identifying the vehicle, duration, and location of operation, and person(s) authorized to operate the vehicle.

(f) Any licensed driver, who is a prospective buyer or lessee, may test drive a vehicle with special plates for up to seven days.

(1) A salesperson is not required to be present.

(2) If a salesperson is not present, the operator must carry a letter of authorization from the licensee identifying the vehicle, duration, and person(s) authorized to operate the vehicle.

(g) Employees of a commercial vehicle dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor who must operate a commercial vehicle in the course of their employment, may take a commercial drive test in a commercial vehicle displaying dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor special plates.

(h) A trailer, displaying special plates, may be towed by a vehicle with Vehicle Code authority to operate on the highways.

(i) Any use of special plates issued to a dealer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or distributor except as specified is prohibited.

Note: Authority cited: Section 1651, Vehicle Code. Reference: Sections 11714, 11715 and 11716, Vehicle Code.


To subscribe to the e-mail alert service logon to

This page contains detailed instructions on how to subscribe.
The Industry Tools Home Page located at

provides convenient access to information and links that are pertinent to the vehicle registration industry.


certified dmv dealer education

we make it simple for you


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renting indiana car dealer license plates WILL get you busted in california

Friday, July 11th, 2014

one of the fastest ways to get in trouble

with your car dealer license

is to cheat the government

on its sales tax or the dmv registration fees

the other way



no matter what you call it

no matter how you present it


California DMV Car Dealer Plate Rules


stay away from these car dealer license scams

offering to rent you a car dealer plate



Dealer License Pros  ( Scam )

Your Auto Dealership ( Scam )

National Dealer License ( Scam )

Auto Dealer License USA ( Scam )

DLC Network ( Scam )

Car Profit ( Scam )

FL Motors ( Scam )

Auto Income ( Scam )

Auto Auction Consulting ( Scam )

Flipping Autos ( Scam )

Delaware Wholesaler ( Scam )

Indiana Wholesale Dealers ( Scam )

Indiana Dealer Offices ( Scam )

One Stop Auto Wholesalers ( Scam )


most of the bad actors belong to this organization

Indiana Wholesalers Association

no longer represented  by this law firm


if you have been the victim of a car dealer license plate scam

you may contact our dmv car dealer attorney for advice and consultation

Stephanie Francone



if you are wishing to obtain your very own car dealer license

with insured car dealer license plates

invest $ 100. in yourself and

come to one of our

car dealer license classes in 39 california cities

DMV Certified Car Dealer Education


please do not fall prey to a car dealer license scam




got free car dealer website ???

Friday, July 11th, 2014
( $ 500 VALUE )
A Car Dealer Website
Will help you sell more cars!

To remain competitive in the used car marketplace you need to have an online presence. We make it easy to do so. Get a dealer website, put your cars online, spread the word about who you are and what you sell.

Our out of the box dealer website solution requires absolutely no work on your part and appropriate customizations are handled by our staff. For dealers that want to dig a little deeper and get more involved, your dealer site is customizable by you with just a few clicks. The site style, the content, the header design, the cars that rotate and appear in the header, the background colors, the keywords, the page descriptions, the page titles, the search engine optimization – it’s all in your hands if you want to take the reins. If not, it’s taken care of for you by our staff.

You can load your inventory into Dealer Jump by deocding each VIN and clicking 1 button to add up to 100 pictures from your computer. Before you know it you’ll start gaining visibility online, generating more traffic, talking to more leads, and selling more cars!

It’s no surprise that auto dealers with a dealer website sell more vehicles than their competition without one. As a dealer you need to promote your business by displaying your vehicle inventory online. You’ll reach people you never knew were your customers and you’ll gain business credibility. We’ll provide you with a cutting edge design for your dealership that encourages customer interaction.

Summary of our dealer website offering:
  • Clean, easy navigation so users can browse your inventory and find the car they’re looking for
  • Phone number present on every page so site visitors can call you easily
  • A contact form on each vehicle page so site visitors can write to you with inquiries because not every person wants to pick up the phone. Sometimes it’s easier to just type a simple question and click SEND.
  • Clear display of the vehicles in your inventory with pictures and other pertinent details.
  • A location map so site visitors can figure out how to get to your lot and visit you in-person if they like what they see online
  • Search engine optimized pages that get indexed and organically placed in the search results of the majr search engines
  • Load dozens of pictures from your camera or computer (max 100) for each vehicle with 1 click
  • Decode the VIN of your vehicles and load them on your website in seconds.
  • Be up and running, live and online within a couple days.
  • We buy your domain name and provide the hosting
  • We provide you with a real email address that ends in your domain so you can look more credible and professional. Instead of a yahoo, gmail, hotmail, live, msn or other free email account, you can gain credibility with an e-mail address that is a part of your web domain (i.e.

Every dealer has a competitive advantage and a reason or two why the consumer should spend money in their dealership and not the other dealers down the block, but remember that no matter how many reasons you give your customer to buy a car from you, consumers have choices. There is great value in a customer having a good experience with you both online and in-person. So get started with a website for your auto dealership and get yourself out there. Make in impact. Showcase your inventory. Get more leads and sell more cars.

The sites we design for dealers are to-the-point and get the job done. Dealers all over the United States are enjoying using our dealer websites. Each site is designed to engage your customer and to convert them from just a website visitor into a web lead. You’ll have site visitors writing to you and calling you

Get a dealer website and sell cars online

To get started with a new dealer website for your business, click here >>

got the correct DMV registration forms ???

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Most Commonly Used DMV Forms

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view, fill out and print forms. To incorporate the latest accessibility features download of the latest version of Acrobat Reader may be required. If you have problems with Acrobat Reader or our PDF form, select PDF Troubleshooting. To submit a form electronically, use the eForm version. For large quantities, read Ordering DMV Forms in Large Quantities To obtain a form by mail, call DMV’s automated phone service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-777-0133. To speak to an operator call between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, Pacific Time.

Click on the Clicking this symbol will display form instructions. to view information for the form.


Change of Address (PDF) (DMV 14) Click to view form instructions.

Request for Own Driver License or Vehicle Registration Record (PDF) (INF 1125) Click to view form instructions.

Traffic Accident Report (PDF) eforms Click to view form instructions.


Bill of Sale (PDF) (REG 135) Click to view form instructions.

Notice of Release of Liability (PDF) (REG 138) Click to view form instructions.

Application for Duplicate Title (PDF) (REG 227) Click to view form instructions.

Application for Title or Registration (REG 343) (PDF) Click to view form instructions.

Statement of Facts (PDF) (REG 256) Click to view form instructions.

Plates, Placards, and Stickers

Special Interest License Plates Application (PDF) (REG 17) Click to view form instructions.

Application for Replacement Plates, Sticker, Documents (PDF) (REG 156) Click to view form instructions.

Application for Disabled Person Parking Placard or Plates (PDF) (REG 195) Click to view form instructions.

Back to Main forms page

sacramento dmv certified car dealer license training

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

dmv requires a training class to take your car dealer license examination

dmv requires you pass a 40 question exam to submit your car dealer license application

we teach the required dmv license certification class in more places than anyone else

find out why our competition struggles to match our offer

could it be better value??

could it be better pricing??

could it be our dedication to customer service??

we like to think it is all three

visit our website to see our entire class schedule

joseph is our car dealer license instructor in sacramento


we have a class in sacramento every month

good luck with getting your car dealer license


nmvtis vehicle history reports for car dealers ( )

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

vehicle history report in the US contains important information about a used vehicle’s past. These reports generally show title records from each state DMV, along with salvage and insurance total loss records and accident records (1, 2, 7). This information is vital for consumers when choosing which used vehicle to purchase, as it can indicate issues with the vehicle’s safety and value. Additional information in a vehicle history report are ownership changes, and vehicle details decoded from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) such as year, make, model, and odometer history.

Vehicle history reports are typically available online from several sources. Vehicle history reports are available for automobiles including light trucks and SUVs, motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs) and pre-1981 classic cars (1, 2, 7).

Vehicle history reports

Before purchasing a used vehicle, potential buyers often consider the purchase of vehicle history and title reports and salvage check reports to understand a vehicle’s background history. Users are generally interested in whether a vehicle that is being considered for purchase has been in a severe accident, had its odometer rolled back or has lemon history. Sellers of vehicles also check the history of their vehicle prior to listing for sale so they are prepared to answer questions to the condition of the vehicle or history events. Dealers often buy these reports that provide a detailed background on the used vehicle to show their customers. Dealers also run reports prior to acquiring vehicles at auction or from trade-ins to help insure they pay a fair market value. Vehicle prices may be adjusted due to history events on any particular vehicle.

A vehicle history report provides information and often detailed records associated with a vehicle’s unique serial number or VIN.

Items that can be included in a vehicle history and title report
Item Description
Title information Shows if the vehicle has been reported to have been issued a negative title “brand” like salvage or junk that often come with severe accidents
Number of titles Shows the reported ownership history and the possible ownership changes
States of title Provides the states that the vehicle has been reported titled or registered in previously
Salvage or junk information from titles or other sources Shows if the vehicle has been reported as a salvage vehicle by a state or has been reported at auction or junk yard
DMV-reported odometer problems Shows when the vehicle has been reported to having had its odometer rolled back or broken
Lemon history Shows if the vehicle has a been reported as a lemon
Insurance total loss information Shows if the vehicle has been reported as a total loss by an insurance company
Auction history Lets the buyer know if it has been reported at an auto auction
Accident history Shows if the vehicle has been in a reported accident or has sustained damage
Air bag deployment Shows whether or not the vehicle’s airbag has been reported as deployed
Mileage readings Lists the odometer readings that have been reported for the vehicle
Service records Shows any reported service information
State emission inspection results Shows the results of a state inspection or emission results as reported by the state
Warranty or service contract availability Shows whether or not the vehicle has been covered by warranty or service contract

A Salvage and VIN Check Report is an abbreviated version of a Vehicle History and Title Report, which helps consumers understand the severity reported damage associated with a vehicle. It identifies the reported title brands such as salvage or junk, or whether the vehicle has been reported a total loss by an insurance company. These reports can be obtained for passenger cars and light trucks, as well as motorcycles, RVs, heavy trucks and classic cars.

Vehicle History and Title Report data is gathered from multiple sources including State Departments of Motor Vehicles, automotive auctions, fire and police departments, salvage auctions, rental agencies, automotive recyclers, insurance companies, state inspection stations, manufacturers, and car dealerships.

In order to obtain a Vehicle History and Title Report, a potential buyer can go online to a reporting service provider and purchase a full report. Some services also offer a lower cost option for a Salvage and VIN Check Report, which has just the major damage history. Salvage and VIN Check reports can be accessed online from a number of companies, at varying cost. Used car dealers often provide a report upon request for a specific vehicle as part of the selling process. Consumers can check the validity and date of these reports by running their own report and comparing the results. Old reports may not contain the latest history as the reports are time sensitive. Typically, a consumer is most interested in whether or not the vehicle has been in a severe accident or has been branded as salvage, junk or totaled.

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a program of Department of Justice intended to keep and protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles. AAMVA operates the system now. Federal Law has mandated businesses and agencies such as Insurance Carriers, State Motor Vehicle Tilting Agencies, Auto Recyclers and Junk/Salvage Yards to regularly report to NMVTIS. The NMVTIS refers the public to a list of approved private vendors who sell vehicle reports from the NMVTIS database.[1]

NMVTIS has a wide database of over 9,000 numbers of Insurance carriers, auto recyclers and junk and salvage yards reporting to them and 38.9 million records of salvage or total loss, making up 87% of DMV data represents the system.

Consumers can take advantage of having a Vehicle History Report from this reliable system where they can view data such as Title Problem Checks, Odometer Checks, History of Accidents and Junk or Salvage Records.


  1. Jump up^ Frequently Asked Questions, National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, retrieved May 5, 2012

30 days to your car dealer license

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014






please call 2

copart salvage auto auctions…..learn the whole story

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

CoPart Salvage Auto Auction

allows anyone to acquire a vehicle from copart


resale of any vehicle for profit requires a dealer license

Ca DMV Car Dealer License Exclusions

Car Dealer School

take our car dealer license training


get licensed in 30 days